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MealShare is the ultimate check-splitting companion app for Venmo users. Finally, you can dine out with friends and family, and not worry about the pain and awkwardness that comes with splitting a check. Share entrees or appetizers however many ways you want, get instant reimbursement, and stop paying for that friend who always gets extra margaritas! MealShare does all the heavy lifting for you, accurately divvying up a meal’s cost down to the cent. MealShare was designed specifically for those with Venmo, so that users can get squared up instantly. Get the free iPhone app today.

Split your check with ease, and don’t lose out on a penny!

Here’s how It works:

・You, or anybody else with MealShare, covers the bill.
・Sign in with Venmo.
・Invite fellow meal-goers to your virtual table.
・Enter check information by either snapping a picture of the receipt, or manually punching it in.
・Assign meal items to you and your friends.
・Choose what you want to give for a tip.
・Review what everybody at the table owes you, and send out Venmo payment requests.
・And in just a few minutes, everyone has paid exactly what they owe.



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Creator/Founder, Matt Barretto

Photo by David Dinisco