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The Ultimate Check-Splitting Companion App for Venmo

Features include:

Full Venmo Integration

With the implementation of Venmo's Developer API, users are able to sign in with Venmo, invite Venmo friends, and send Venmo payment requests.

Divide and Meal Item Split Functionality

Assign a meal item to any number of mealgoers. Need to divide up a single meal item (i.e. drinks)? Swipe left and you can turn one item into several.

Proportional Tip Amounts

Tip amounts are calculated proportionally, so that everybody is held accountable for what they ordered.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for Camera Entry

MealShare takes advantage of a sophisticated OCR technology that allows the user to enter receipt information with just the snap of a picture.

Sleek & Minimal Design

Enjoy a fresh, intuitive layout while using the app. Everything feels right and where it is supposed to be. All of the messaging and functions are clear and logical.

Complete Payment Feedback

Before you send out your Venmo payment requests, see what everybody owes, all on one clean and concise screen.

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